Acquisition, Expansion, New Launchpad Project + Upgrades

1) The most hyped Launchpad project to-date launches in just over 12 hours!

Coin will open up for twelve hours starting at 9am PST, and everyone holding 2,000 SWAP will get a guaranteed entry. Anyone with a ‘DASH score’ over 2,000 will be airdropped 1.5% of the total $COIN supply evenly For more info, check out:

2) We will be announcing the secret project that Adam has been working on at the end of the month.

This is going to catalyze a massive amount of volume flowing through the network and rewards to stakers. We have already been accumulating a lot of capital to get a wildly strong marketing push behind this launch.

3) The next launchpad project is getting inked in.

All I can say is these launchpad projects keep getting better and better. The requirement for the next launchpad project will be staking 2,000 SWAP, and everyone staking 2,000 SWAP will get an allocation. I can’t understate how excited I am for this project that has the potential to truly rival the userbase of Coinbase within their first year. (as crazy as this sounds)

4) TrustSwap is currently working on an acquisition.

We are set to buy out another crypto company and onboard all of their assets, team, IP, etc to grow TrustSwap into an absolute monolith. We aim to become #1 not just by a little, but by a mile. This acquisition is going to help get us there in a big way. We anticipate to have all details and contracts signed within the next seven days. Once this happens, TrustSwap is quickly going to be climbing to a whole new level. Personally, I feel this acquisition is the strongest news to hit TrustSwap since the mainnet launch. The merger of these two teams and assets will launch TrustSwap into a whole new league.

5) Our staking dashboard is getting a massive upgrade, check out one of the pages:

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