AuBit Golden Ticket, Updates & AMA

AuBit Golden Tickets

The 25 AuBit Presale Golden Tickets have been sent out!
Check this link to see if you won, and how to Buy/Sell the tickets on

Holding a Golden Ticket guarantees eligible holders a $10,000 allocation into the AuBit presale.

To find out more on AuBit and the presale happening on the 20th, you can check it out here.

Updates & AMA

You can watch the video below for an in-depth look into the recent updates and developments in the TrustSwap ecosystem.

Quick Recap:

  • 333,000 Bonus Staking Rewards sent directly to the wallets of SWAP stakers with over a 100 Swap Score. Curious to check your SWAP Score? Have a look here.
  • We will be implementing a 10,000 daily SWAP reward directly to the staking pool starting in a couple of days. This will be implemented using TrustSwap’s Multi-Send Software.
  • “Add to Stake” and “Withdraw only Staking Rewards” being deployed in the coming couple days
  • List of software services provided is growing:
    - Team token locks
    - Investor token locks
    - Liquidity locks
    - Single Event Payment
    - Multiple Recurring Payment
    - Escrow (vesting coming soon)
    - P2P Swaps
  • Mandala Exchange, the first private exchange to use Binance Cloud OTC integration launching in the coming month.
  • Actively in talks with escrow and OTC providers to onboard millions of dollars of daily volume through TrustSwap escrow services.
  • TrustSwap Bounty Program is now live. Get paid to onboard software utility
  • Building a mobile app, which will be an integration point for a traditional company with a $300B+ Marketcap
  • Featured in Business Insider, Cointelegraph & Yahoo Finance. Coming soon: Forbes, Hackernoon, Zerohedge, and a ton more

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