LedgerScore Announces May 31st Token Offering On The TrustSwap Launchpad

LedgerScore, the Equifax for cryptocurrency users, will collaborate with TrustSwap to aid in the execution of their token offering on May 31st, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST.

Introducing LedgerScore

LedgerScore is a platform that provides users with complete data on cryptocurrency transactions and comprehensive and credible credit scores with patent-pending technology. By creating a new golden standard, LedgerScore is aiming to bridge the gap between centralized (CeFi) and decentralized (DeFi) worlds, while complementing traditional credit score.

Lenders rely very much on three global credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, multi-billion-dollar companies helping banks comply with traditional credit reporting obligations. LedgerScore aims to be the banks’ go-to agency for credit scores when the potential borrower is a cryptocurrency user.

Over the next five years, the Credit Bureaus & Rating Agencies market will register a 3.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in revenue. The global market size will reach $16,640 billion by 2025, up from $14,330 billion in 2019. LedgerScore is uniquely poised to capture a significant share of this market because it is the only credit rating platform for cryptocurrency users.

LedgerScore’s suite of financial products makes it simple to start establishing a credit profile. Unlike traditional credit reporting bureaus, like Equifax, LedgerScore aggregates its data from cryptocurrency transactions. Every time you send or receive cryptocurrency, it is digitally recorded on the Blockchain. LedgerScore verifies your identity to each Blockchain transaction and cross-references it with our verified network users and business partners to establish your activity.

LedgerScore gives lenders across the globe access to new creditworthy customers, by removing the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, revealing an opportunity to significantly increase their loan portfolio and open global market opportunities. With LedgerScore’s credit and verification reports, lenders now have the tools to assess the risk of lending to previously anonymous cryptocurrency users around the world. Lenders will now be competing for new customers in the world debt market, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional lending.

Token Utility

LedgerScore has an impressive list of first round investors:

The Team

Nathan Christian, CEO and Founder. Nathan Christian is a Top Global Influencer in Blockchain & Fintech. Nathan is a technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. A serial entrepreneur with contributions to over 35 technology start-ups in his portfolio. Blockchain strategy, development, investment, consulting, and advising.

Jesse Brown, CTO. Jesse Brown is an accomplished Blockchain Architect with exceptional decentralization finance (DeFi), cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise. Jesse has been involved in many successful Blockchain ventures, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Ford Motor Company’s blockchain enterprise, DataBlockchain, ServerCube and Patientory.

Nina Knox, Chief Growth Officer. Nina has over 20+ years of international experience working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, Forbes 2000/Fortune 500 and top professional services/consulting firms globally (all “Big 4 — EY, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG). Former Executive at Dun & Bradstreet, co-founder of Tokenplace.

Md Mofassair Hossain, CMO. Mofassair is a proven expert in sales and marketing with extensive experience in online sales, digital data, direct marketing, mass media & lead generation. He is an innovator who has successfully created customized marketing solutions for several highly successful businesses, utilizing the latest tools and technologies.

Daniel Spuller, Strategic Advisor for Partnerships & Business Development. Dan is currently the Head of Industry Affairs for the Blockchain Association in Washington, DC. He was appointed Co-Chair of the North Carolina Blockchain Initiative by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor in 2019.

Darren Olney-Fraser ESQ, Chief Product Officer. Darren is an entrepreneur who has successfully built his own Blockchain startup, TIG. He combines his experience as a corporate attorney, tech investor, startup founder, and product manager to bring additional depth to management teams. Darren is also a pioneer in International Payments on the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

Token Offering Details

Secure Launch Process

  • Secured the website with SSL certificates
  • Had the domain protected by Cloudflare and implemented secure VPNs to be conformant to best practice guidelines
  • Performed penetration testing and PCI ASV Scanning

LedgerScore also commits to:

  • Disclose the vesting schedule of all tokens, including team, strategic investors, private presale, influencers, etc.
  • Authorize the addition of no less than $200,000 of ETH liquidity on Uniswap immediately upon listing.
  • Distribute tokens to launchpad participants within one hour of Uniswap listing using Multisender according to the schedule.
  • Provide the timeline for token distributions and distribute tokens within one hour of the agreed upon time.
  • Have at least one community moderator on each social platform (Discord, Telegram, etc.) actively available 24 hours a day for the first 7 days following the launch on Uniswap.

Participation and Allocation

To check your SwapScore, ranking, and other staking stats, login to the TrustSwap Dashboard.

NOTE: An active stake as of 9 am PST, May 31st 2021 is required to be eligible for an allocation based on “Staked Swap” tiers

A Step-By-Step Guide

2. Go through the steps listed and upload your KYC documents.

**NOTE** If your KYC has already been approved in Sekuritance’s System, you do not have to upload ID card, Selfie, or Proof of Residence documents, as they are already stored in the system.

3. If you have not previously been approved with Sekuritance, have the following documents handy as you will be asked for them:

· Proof of identity (Passport, Driver’s License, or Government-issued ID card) including clear, complete photos of both the front and back of the ID card (or both the front cover and photo page of the Passport).

· Selfie with the proof of identity document and a note reading “LedgerScore IEO May 2021”

4. The portal closes after 12 hours. There will be a waiting period of up to 48 hours as the LedgerScore team finalizes internal processes.

5. Approved participants will be contacted via email and the TrustSwap Dashboard Messaging System (log in with your registered wallet to see your messages) with allocation details and payment instructions. You will have 24 hours to send the funds.

$LED will be live on Uniswap on 5th June, 2021.

What Should I Do to Prepare for the Offering?

  1. Based on the requirements set for a guaranteed allocation, stake
    your $SWAP tokens here before the deadline mentioned above.
  2. Submit your details and documents at any point during the 12 hours window at https://dashboard.trustswap.org/app/launchpads.

Learn more about LedgerScore

Website: www.ledgerscore.com

IDO: www.trustswap.org

Social media
Telegram Group
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Who Can Participate in the $LED Token Offering?

Anyone not holding citizenships or not domiciled in the USA or UN sanctioned countries can participate in the LedgerScore token sale

*The eligible countries list is selected by LedgerScore. If your country is not listed, this does not mean you are ineligible for future TrustSwap Launchpad projects.

** Launchpad dates are subject to change. This is not an endorsement, partnership, or an offer for investment by TrustSwap. LedgerScore is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a customer, with specific requests as to how they need their launch to operate. TrustSwap is a provider of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Digital assets carry a high level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.

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