Sekuritance Distributes $SKRT “SwapDrop” to the TrustSwap Community

The Sekuritance team has completed their “SwapDrop”, a free airdrop of $SKRT tokens, to eligible $SWAP stakers.

Sekuritance, the team behind a suite of RegTech & RiskTech DeFi solutions, recently launched their $SKRT token on the TrustSwap Launchpad. As part of the token launch event, the Sekuritance team has airdropped a significant amount of their total token supply to eligible wallets with the Top 1000 SwapScores at the time of the launch (snapshot taken May 8th, 2021 at 9AM PST).


Note: Sekuritance is the preferred KYC provider for the TrustSwap Launchpad. Once you have registered with Sekuritance, your KYC data will be kept on file for 90 days and you will not need to re-register or submit KYC documents for other TrustSwap launchpads during that time.

What Can I Do With My $SKRT?

HODL For Access & Rewards

As of August 1st 2021, the Sekuritance team has released a range of benefits for various adopter levels as a way of saying thank you to their most loyal customers. They’ve launched 4 tiers of rewards for simply holding $SKRT in an ETH wallet, plus an added tier for traders who took part in the $SKRT IDO in May and have held their tokens since then.

These benefits include:

  • Speedier access to onboarding with the process shortened even further for holders.
  • Verification for ETH addresses stored with your profile and downloadable certificate through our UI.
  • Possibility to download your own Sekuritance Blockchain Address Verification Certificate.
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Leisure-based Subscriptions
  • Feature Request Suggestions
  • Free Onboarding Platform Set-ups
  • Eligibility for Bonus Allocation of $SKRT tokens from the periodical discretionary pool.
  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about the many benefits of holding $SKRT here.


About Sekuritance

Sekuritance has supported the launch of over 10 brands via its KYC onboarding platform including:, LedgerScore, Vabble, YDragon and more.

Check out to explore their full-service reg-tech platform featuring many powerful tools to enhance compliance and security in the blockchain space. Be sure to join their Telegram groups as well for regular updates from the team.

Stay tuned for more info and follow Sekuritance at:




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