$SWAP is Now LIVE on the Avalanche Network & Pangolin Exchange!

TrustSwap + Avalanche ( So Far )

TrustSwap’s mission is to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency across the world for both businesses and individuals. This is a multi-chain endeavor, and we believe the Avalanche Network is a priority focus for onboarding people into cryptocurrency.

$SWAP Joins the Avalanche Network on Pangolin Exchange!

To further integrate with the Avalanche community, TrustSwap has joined forces with Avalanche to host the $SWAP token on their bridge. This bridge allows users to move $SWAP back-and-forth between the Ethereum chain and the Avalanche chain to facilitate less-expensive transfer fees on the Avalanche Network when there is Ethereum Network congestion. $SWAP is now tradeable and purchasable on the Pangolin exchange. Pangolin works exactly the same as Uniswap, the only difference is that AVAX is what is used to pay the gas fee, instead of ETH. By integrating the SWAP token on the Avalanche chain, TrustSwap allows smaller traders and users to use a decentralized exchange to actively trade or stake SWAP tokens without spending high gas fees.

How to Use the Bridge

To bridge your SWAP tokens over onto the Avalanche Network, follow the steps below

Looking to the Future

1) Expect to see more Avalanche launches on the TrustSwap Launchpad.

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Q: Does this mean the total supply of $SWAP increases?

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