Nov 5, 2021

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Trusted Node Announces Nov. 9th FlashLaunch on TrustSwap

Trusted Node, a multi-blockchain validator governance network, has announced their collaboration with TrustSwap to aid in the FlashLaunch of their $TNODE token offering on November 9th, 2021 at 04:00 PM UTC.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains. It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

Open Access to PoS Network Rewards

Within PoS networks, validator nodes are essential to the health of a network. However, each network has different requirements for hardware, technical knowledge, and capital investment that are locked into the node. The up-front investment in physical hardware and continued maintenance is costly. That means the rewards that come with operating a validator node aren’t accessible to most participants in the DeFi and crypto community.

Many nodes are built by operators who provide validation as a professional service or infrastructural services for the chain, in many cases for high commissions. Other nodes are run by early backers who invested in the team that created the protocol. The rewards may end up being concentrated in a few silos in the network.

Trusted Node opens access to these rewards for everyone. They accomplish this by running tokenized validator nodes on the most important emerging blockchains so that end users don’t have to keep track of the logistics and technical details of operating a validator. Trusted Node is a hassle-free way to participate in PoS staking while making these major networks more secure.

Turning Idle Tokens into Yield-Generating Assets

Automated staking protocols delegate coins put forward by Trusted Node users to the validator nodes of their choice and then distribute the blockchains’ native tokens back to them as rewards.

Trusted Node’s Staking Portal removes the technical complexity of interacting with proof-of-stake mechanisms by presenting a user-friendly interface and a frictionless experience. By delegating your tokens and becoming part of the process of validating transactions, you are contributing to the progress of these next-generation networks by making them more secure.

Trusted Node Staking Portal Is Live

The Staking Portal was released on October 15. As of now, supported blockchains include Terra, Cosmos, Sentinel, Regen, Atom, Persistence, and Iris. Many other prominent blockchains are on the roadmap for further integration.

Liquid Staking and “Yield Stacking”

Providing liquidity to proof-of-stake projects often involves locking assets into the protocol for lengthy periods of time. While this does generate yield, assets cannot be freed to create higher returns if new opportunities arise which limits options.

Liquid staking adds flexibility to that arrangement allowing mobilization of staked assets. This is accomplished by tokenizing the stakes to generate collateral which can then be diverted to Automated Market Making (AMM) liquidity pools like those on Uniswap and SushiSwap or other ventures for new yield-generating strategies.

When users help secure networks through Trusted Node, they can also access liquidity pools and earn additional yield while their base capital remains safe and secure. This access to liquidity pools is called “Yield Stacking” and is a bonus on top of the reward for helping secure a blockchain.

Token Utilities


The TNODE Token is a bridge between trusted validator nodes and the DeFi world. Each TNODE token is an access right to be part of the global network of nodes.


By staking TNODE, token holders are entitled to validator staking rewards in native tokens from PoS blockchains. There will be additional vaults for people to stake tokens and earn rewards in TNODE.


Users holding $TNODE tokens can boost their validator staking rewards by locking up $TNODE tokens in a vault for a set amount of time to receive a proportionate share of the daily rewards allocated to the vault.

DAO Governance

$TNODE bestows the right to participate in the governance for the Trusted Node decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Holders of the TNODE token will have the ability to submit proposals and vote on aspects of T-Node’s governance. Users can vote to launch new validator nodes for networks they believe in as well as resources allocation decisions for the proof-of-stake networks. $TNODE will also provide voting rights to streamline governance of these PoS networks within the Trusted Node platform.


Trusted Node will include five segments working in tandem within the Staking Portal:

  1. Vaults: Users can provide liquidity to Trusted Node’s Vaults to earn a share of transaction fees or $TNODE tokens as incentives.
  2. Liquid Staking: Away to stake native assets and earn PoS yields while maintaining liquidity. These PoS rewards can be claimed as native, liquid, or $TNODE tokens.
  3. Bridges: These will enable users to move from chain to chain and achieve interoperability, all presented with a smooth user experience. More broadly, this is important for mass adoption of Trusted Node’s platform as we include validator nodes on more networks as part of our ecosystem.
  4. Multichain Governance: $TNODE holders can vote on matters related to the Trusted Node DAO. That voting power goes even further because it can guide the votes of individual validators as they shape the direction of their respective blockchains.
  5. DAO Escrow: Users can lock $TNODE tokens in exchange for a yield multiplier in the Liquidity Vaults, daily protocol fee payouts, discounted fees in the Staking Portal, and voting power in the Multichain Governance Portal.

Unlock the earning potential of your assets. Put them to work through Trusted Node for optimized liquidity, compounded returns, and to be part of the platform’s DAO!

Trusted Node Team

The Trusted Node team has an aggregate of 30+ years of experience in crypto industry leading product management, development, and marketing with leading companies, including,, Nest, Horizon, AAX, and Amadeus.

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FlashLaunch Details


Participation and Allocation

For complete details and instructions on participation in the Trusted Node FlashLaunch, please visit our blog post here.