TrustSwap— 2020 In Review & Look To What’s Ahead

2020 was a wild year in just about every way imaginable. While the world faced significant economic challenges, the blockchain industry was rapidly building and growing to take its rightful place as a crucial pillar of the global economy.

Halfway through 2020, TrustSwap was born as a simple solution to a glaring gap in the trustless escrow payments sector. Since then, it has grown exponentially adding additional software features and benefits for all holders and stakers of SWAP tokens.

Here is a reflection on some of our most notable accomplishments of 2020:

  1. Launched the SWAP token presale which sold out in <60 seconds.
  2. Developed an all-star team of industry heavyweights including Michael Gu (Boxmining), Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech Academy), Mauvis Ledford (Former CTO CoinMarketCap), Michael “Mafiaboy” Calce (CyberSecurity expert and President of Optimal Secure), and Luke Wagman (Goldman Sachs & CoinMarketCap)

3. Launched multiple decentralized applications (dapps) into the TrustSwap ecosystem including SmartLocks, SmartSwaps, and the Staking portal where 80% of platform fees paid in SWAP go to stakers

4. Launched the TrustSwap Launchpad to help other new crypto projects start off on the right foot and offer SWAP holders opportunities for airdrops (aka SwapDrops) and presales

5. Featured in multiple high-profile news outlets including crypto and traditional financial publications

6. Successfully launched 5 new crypto projects: Chain Games, MobiePay, Aubit, CoinDefi, and Yield.App.

7. Delivered 8 SwapDrops to SWAP holders and stakers from a variety of unique projects

8. Integrated with several other projects including Unimex and Unilayer who will both be giving a generous portion of their fees to SWAP stakers.

9. Acquired our biggest competitor, Team Finance, and enlisted their dev team to work for TrustSwap


10. Had multiple mentions and positive reviews by top influencers and thought leaders including Cryptonauts, Ellio Trades, Altcoin Buzz, Crypt0’s News, DeFi Now, Hashoshi, and many more

11. Made a strong push into the Asian markets with a significant focus on Japan, China, and Korea

12. Began developing “Swappable”, an all-in-one crypto marketplace to buy/sell/trade NFTs and ERC20s going Live in January 2021

13. Continuing development of a crypto subscription payment system, SmartSubscription

14. Created the SwapStats Dashboard where anyone can easily check their SwapScore and rank.

15. Consistently ranked among the topmost searched projects on

16. Filled 74% of the staking portal with 37 million SWAP staked and counting

17. Partnered with Connect Financial to get SWAP included for use with the world’s first crypto-backed VISA credit card.

18. Devised an elegant solution to massively increase crypto security which may put an end to rug-pulls once and for all (details TBA)

TrustSwap has a LOT more in store for our community in 2021 with plenty of exciting opportunities for SWAP stakers including more launches, SwapDrops, and additional staking rewards! In the coming weeks you can expect to see more developments including:

~ Swappable NFT/ERC20 Marketplace goes live!

~ Unimex launching with 6.25% of their fees to SWAP stakers

~ Unveiling plans for new security features in the TrustSwap ecosystem

~ The GLITCH token sale on January 11th

~ Updated UI for websites including the homepage, staking portal, and smart contract services (SmartLocks and SmartSwaps)

~ More to be announced!

January is shaping up to be a massive month for TrustSwap and is sure to be the beginning of an amazing year.

We have the drive and momentum to continue pushing forward in our mission to build strong foundations for the continued growth and adoption of blockchain technology. With our team and community stronger than ever, we will keep imagining and building the tools that the world needs to power the future of Decentralized Finance.

Be sure to follow our Announcements channel in Telegram and Discord for all the latest updates and learn how to get involved.

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