TrustSwap Acquires ‘The Crypto App’

TrustSwap continues forging the foundational toolset for the decentralized economy.

How big of a deal is this acquisition?

What is the current status of “The Crypto App”?

A coin tracker, similar to Coingecko/CoinMarketcap, with the addition of Advanced charts.
A wallet where users can buy, sell, send, and trade cryptocurrencies. This feature will go offline for the acquisition and be reinstated at a later date.
A gateway for users to connect portfolios to exchanges in order to track their balances as well as gains and losses in real-time
Alerts sent directly to the phone to let users know about significant price changes
The widgets feature can be added to the home screen of the mobile device so that users can watch the price of their favorite cryptocurrencies.
The news feed aggregates the top crypto news publications in the world so that users can easily stay informed about recent developments and important events in the blockchain space.

The Next Evolution

Marketing & User Onboarding

All-In-One Service Aggregator

The Benefit to SWAP Holders

The TrustSwap Launchpad Ecosystem

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