TrustSwap Acquires ‘The Crypto App’

TrustSwap continues forging the foundational toolset for the decentralized economy.

Already offering a token generator, token locks, liquidity locks, token swaps, escrow contracts, token vesting, farming pools, a best-in class launchpad, and an upcoming NFT marketplace, what TrustSwap has put together in under a year has been robust.

The TrustSwap ecosystem is continuously expanding via new developments. TrustSwap has officially acquired The Crypto App and has integrated its technology and team members into the TrustSwap family of DeFi services. This acquisition includes both the Android and iOS apps with over 1.9 Million downloads as well as the domain

In most countries, The Crypto App is currently ranked 3rd when searching “crypto” on Android.

How big of a deal is this acquisition?

A similar type of acquisition in the market occured in 2020, when FTX purchased Blockfolio (currently 6M downloads) for $150 Million USD. This figure translates to about $25 per user.

With The Crypto App having over 1.9M downloads, at a $25 per user industry valuation, this acquisition is estimated to be worth more than $47.5 Million USD.

What is the current status of “The Crypto App”?

TrustSwap has major plans to upgrade and improve The Crypto App in terms of usability and feature updates which are discussed in the next section. To start with, let’s go over what The Crypto App already has integrated into the app:

The Crypto App is already a fantastic tool for crypto users, ranking at the top of the Android app store. TrustSwap is now ready to bring it to the next level.

The Next Evolution

TrustSwap is planning to develop a number of features to extend the usability and functionality of the already successful version of The Crypto App.

Marketing & User Onboarding

TrustSwap will be contributing with an additional designated team of operational managers, R&D personnel, and marketing personnel with the ambitious goal of growing The Crypto App to the most downloaded crypto app on both iOS and Android devices across the globe.

This growth will be fueled through innovative marketing campaigns and the integration of the most comprehensive set of features to come to any mobile crypto app to date!

All-In-One Service Aggregator

In addition to the plethora of features already implemented by The Crypto App, TrustSwap will be entering into multiple partnerships within the crypto industry to bring a comprehensive set of functionalities into The Crypto App.

Rather than building its own software to provide buying, selling, trading, borrowing, lending, trading, staking, and farming services, TrustSwap will integrate software that is already built and battle-tested by successful DeFi projects directly into the app.

The Benefit to SWAP Holders

The SWAP Token

The full details will be announced at a later stage, however, a few options are being considered:

1) The SWAP token is integrated directly into The Crypto App. Holding the SWAP token will provide price discounts or APY boosters on services offered in-app as well as many other additional benefits.

2) A new TCA token is launched. A large portion of the TCA token will be distributed to SWAP holders throughout multiple airdrops to encourage the purchasing and staking of SWAP tokens long-term. The TCA token utility would also provide price discounts or APY boosters on services offered as well as many other additional benefits.

3) Something else…

**The first stage of the app will be improving and developing the app itself, including integrating the software partners for in-app buying, selling, lending, borrowing, staking etc. There are no decisions being made in regards to the tokenomics of the app yet. Whatever decision is made will be the one that serves TrustSwap and the SWAP token holders the most once all pros & cons are weighed.

The TrustSwap Launchpad Ecosystem

The Crypto App has an extensive international audience that is continuously growing. The app will be used to integrate selected launchpad partner services directly into the app.

The app will also act as an educational platform to inform the users about current and past launchpads. SWAP token stakers may see additional in-app benefits such as free access to premium features.

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