TrustSwap Extends its Services to Binance Smart Chain

Expanding into Scalability

TrustSwap is growing its cross-chain compatibility with the integration of the SmartLaunch toolkit and extensive Launchpad services with Binance Smart Chain.

The SmartLaunch integration includes TrustSwap SmartLock and SmartMint services. SmartLaunch allows anyone to create fully-audited BEP-20 tokens within minutes and immediately secure those tokens and liquidity with smart contracts. This is all 100% free to do and takes only a few minutes with no development experience required.

SmartLaunch is set to drastically increase the number of quality projects launching onto Binance Smart Chain helping to grow the adoption, use, and utility of BSC immensely. SmartLaunch completely removes the barrier to entry for anyone who wants to launch on BSC. This means saving tens of thousands of dollars and months of time on development and audits. With this barrier removed, anticipate seeing many more projects opting to launch onto a blockchain that is already scalable.

Binance Smart Chain compatible SmartLocks are now live on Trustswap’s Team.Finance. SmartMint Token Creation will be integrated in the coming months.


The integration of SmartLaunch allows for TrustSwap Launchpad projects to easily merge with BSC and launch on a blockchain with low transaction fees, simple user experience, and fast transaction throughput.

TrustSwap Launchpad has successfully launched 13 projects as of March 2021 and raised over $12.5M. The integration with BSC will increase the scalability of the TrustSwap Launchpad and bring more users, attention, and quality projects over to BSC.

Anyone who is staking 4,000 SWAP has a guaranteed allocation to all TrustSwap Launchpads (Pending KYC approval). From there, the more you stake, the higher your allocation. For FlashLaunches, the more SWAP you stake, the higher your odds of gaining access to the token sale. TrustSwap is on pace for 1–2 Launchpads per month and 2-3 FlashLaunches per month.

Building a Strong Future

TrustSwap is excited to explore continued synergy between BSC and BSC-based projects and support the expansion of BSC functionalities in a secure and decentralized manner.

TrustSwap is welcoming all projects building on BSC to head to Team.Finance to secure BSC tokens and liquidity. We also invite all promising upcoming projects to apply for the TrustSwap Launchpad at:

Get Connected

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TrustSwap is a full service digital asset ecosystem focused on smart contract applications. Learn more at

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