Mar 2, 2021

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TrustSwap FlashLaunch

The TrustSwap Launchpad has enjoyed providing accessible token launches that offer: guaranteed allocations, no gas wars, 12-hour participation windows, low gas fees, easy application processes, and not forcing people to perform tasks on social media. We will continue this model for all of our main Launchpads.

Because guaranteed allocations are a requirement for all main Launchpad projects, we have had to turn down multiple projects who wanted to do smaller raises. For example, if a project wanted to do a smaller raise of $150,000 and 3,000 people applied, that would leave an average of a $50 allocation per person. This isn’t a viable solution.

We understand that Launchpads are an aspect that the TrustSwap community loves and we do not want to turn down launchpads that could be brought to the TrustSwap community simply because the raise amount is too small.

Therefore, TrustSwap will be adding a new type of Launchpad to bring even more projects to TrustSwap and more opportunity to SWAP stakers.


A FlashLaunch is identical to our traditional Launchpad token offerings but will be exclusively for raises of under $750,000. Each FlashLaunch will have a set individual allocation.

To participate in a FlashLaunch, you will fill in the application form, exactly like you do for a standard Launchpad. Once all applications are filled in, there will be a lottery draw for the allocations.

The number of lottery tickets you have is directly proportional to your multiplier in the table below. If you have a 5X multiplier, you get 5 tickets in the draw. Each person can only win once per project.

To re-iterate, FlashLaunches and traditional Launchpads are different. Launchpads still have guaranteed allocations and will continue to be a big part of the TrustSwap ecosystem. FlashLaunches will bring more opportunities to SWAP stakers than were previously available.

Golden Ticket NFT’s

  • For each FlashLaunch, “Golden Ticket” NFTs will be minted by TrustSwap which will each unlock a guaranteed $500 allocation for that specific launch.
  • These NFT’s will be initially sold at 0.2 ETH each by TrustSwap, with 10% of the proceeds going to the Eden Reforestation Project.
  • All NFT’s will be able to be traded and resold on any NFT marketplace.
  • Whoever holds the NFT at the “snapshot” time will be whitelisted for an allocation (pending KYC verification)
  • After the snapshot, these NFT’s will continue to be valuable collectibles. We will be announcing the benefits to collecting these Golden Ticket NFT’s in the near future.
TrustSwap will donate 10% of all Golden Ticket sales to the Eden Reforestation Project

Example FlashLaunch:

A new project wants to launch X token and raise $250,000.

Anyone who wants to invest $500 in X token can register and KYC within the 12-hour window.

Each eligible applicant is then assigned a # of tickets based on their staked SWAP and SwapScore (see table above).

10 Golden Tickets can be minted and 490 entries will then be randomly selected to participate (10 allocations are reserved for the Golden Ticket holders).

Important Points

  • The higher your SwapScore, the better your odds of being selected for a FlashLaunch allocation.
  • Holding a Golden Ticket guarantees an allocation for the specified FlashLaunch (pending KYC verification).
  • Golden Tickets will be transferable NFTs minted by TrustSwap prior to launch and will be auctioned off and/or given away.
  • 10% of all proceeds from Golden Ticket sales will support the Eden Reforestation Project.
  • Only one Golden Ticket can be used per registered applicant.
  • Selected applicants can also hold a Golden Ticket to get one additional $500 allocation for a maximum total of $1000.
  • The current Launchpad model has not changed for raises over $750,000. These will still have a guaranteed allocation for those staking at least 4000 SWAP or with a SwapScore over 2500.

First FlashLaunch

Our first FlashLaunch is set for March 12.
We will be announcing the project shortly.

Join the TrustSwap Announcements channel on Telegram or visit the Launchpad section of our Dashboard to get info and updates on upcoming launches.