TrustSwap Launchpad: MobiePay & Aubit


The Second Launchpad Project, MobiePay is tentatively set to launch on the TrustSwap Launchpad September 30th, 2020. Exact time to follow in the coming days.

MobiePay’s leadership includes former, Morgan Chase, SEC, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Marqeta executives and a development team filled with heavy hitters in the banking, payments and tech fields.

MobiePay will be an integrated mobile wallet for crypto and FIAT transactions. It is being built to provide a simple tap-to-pay solution and is intended for use nearly anywhere GooglePay or ApplePay are accepted.

MobiePay is finalizing point-of-sale integrations with hundreds of retailers at thousands of locations. The wallet will give users immediate rewards while reducing or eliminating retailer transaction costs. Simple, streamlined access to multiple funding sources from Fiat to crypto to enable a seamless payment revolution

Participation in the MobiePay allocation:

MobiePay is raising $900,000, leveraging the TrustSwap Launchpad with a $2,500 allocation per-person maximum.

The token price will be $0.0016 per token, and participants will have their tokens vested over the following schedule:

- 10% unlock upon exchange listing, 15% monthly thereafter.

The initial market cap of Mobiepay at launch will be $500,000, with a fully diluted supply of 7B tokens.

To participate, you must have a TrustSwap DASH score of over 2,000, (click here for explanation). You can find your score here. The exact time of the presale and further instructions will be announced in the coming days, including jurisdictional restrictions for participation.

1% of the total supply of MBX tokens are set to be distributed to SWAP token holders. More details to follow.


A project that has been under construction since 2017, is now finally ready to launch globally.

AuBit is an investment platform that allows you to invest in stocks and assets. The key difference is that the fees generated on-platform go to active investors.

For example, let’s imagine you are invested in TSLA.

If someone purchases a TSLA stock, 80% of the fee from that purchase is used to buy back more TSLA stock and then distribute it to the current investors yourself included.

This means, that you can start the year holding one share, and theoretically end the year holding two, simply by holding.

The AuBit team comes with substantial experience.

AuBit is set to launch on the TrustSwap Launchpad in October. More details on eligibility requirements and granular token sale details to follow.

For more information and access to the whitepaper, lite paper, one-pager and more, visit and You can also join their telegram community if you have any questions.

Raid Media

Both projects are set to have promotional videos made by Raid Media, a world-class video production agency that has done work for Audi, Adidas, Ed Sheeran, B & W speaker & more.

* Launchpad dates are subject to change. This is not an official endorsement by TrustSwap of any of these projects. All participation in the launchpad is performed at your own risk. All research and vetting should be performed by you, and you alone. Never blindly participate in a Launchpad project without doing your own research first.

** The DASH system is used for the MobiePay presale, but may not be used for future Launchpads. You can read here about tentative future Launchpad processes with the NFT ticket system.

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