TrustSwap + is an emerging platform that facilitates purchases using digital currency at Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay, with more partnerships to come. They offer discounts of up to 10% off for various levels of participation based on holding their native token, $SPI.

TrustSwap & have now joined forces to assist in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and increased awareness of the platform while providing additional rewards to stakers of $SWAP tokens.

This collaboration has been designed to mutually benefit both projects and their respective communities while helping achieve the shared goals of pushing cryptocurrency adoption into the mainstream and making it easy for people to spend their crypto directly on things they use every day.

Collaboration Details

  • will use 10% of all profits to market-buy $SWAP tokens which will then be distributed directly to $SWAP stakers via the official TrustSwap Staking Portal.

“Profits” are defined as all revenue remaining after overhead and business costs are covered. will provide quarterly accounting reports to ensure that payments are calculated fairly and accurately.

These payments will be calculated quarterly and sent to the SWAP Staking Rewards pool where they will be distributed to stakers proportional to staked SWAP tokens.

If you needed another reason to hold and stake SWAP tokens, here you go!

This is just the latest in a series of strategic synergies designed to grow the TrustSwap ecosystem and build out a network of like-minded projects and communities who want to work together for the greater good of crypto.

We are excited to work with the team and community and look forward to helping them bring crypto to the masses in 2021!

For more information about, please visit their website which has links to their community groups. To learn more about TrustSwap, please visit and join our community in Telegram and Discord.

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