Oct 24, 2020

3 min read

TrustSwap Staking Update — Bonus Rewards Extension and New Features


In Detail:

New Staking Features

  1. Add-To-Stake/Re-Stake:
    The Swap rewards you earn through staking can now be re-staked. You can also add to your stake with additional SWAP.
    For Example:
    - On 1st Oct, user deposited 100 SWAP into staking contract.
    - On 3rd Oct, user earned rewards of 5 SWAP.
    - On 5th Oct, user wants to stake 50 more SWAP that was purchased.
    So new staked amount will be 155 (old amount + rewards + new amount) User can re-stake only if withdrawal has not yet been initiated.
  2. Withdraw Only Rewards: User have ability to withdraw the rewards earned without unstaking.
  3. New SwapStats Added: Users can now see the total supply of SWAP and how much has been burned directly from the staking portal. You can also now see your SwapScore when you click on “Check Rewards”.

Staking Bonus Rewards Program

  • With the bonus alone, TrustSwap staking rewards can now be estimated at ~12.4% APY based on the current total of ~29 million SWAP staked. Any additional fees generated on the network will increase this APY.
  • Staking SWAP over time also builds your SwapStats for chances to win Golden Ticket NFTs in the Launchpad Lottery and eligibility for upcoming SwapDrops (promotional airdrops for SWAP holders).