Jul 11, 2021

15 min read

TrustSwap Telegram Q&A w/ Jeff Kirdeikis

Thursday, 8th of July, Telegram Q&A Transcript.

Q: Hey Jeff, hope you are well 💪 Could you share how the thriving liquidity and token lock business translates into revenue for Trustswap?

Q: Hi Jeff — What happened to the flash airdrops? Yield app was the last one as far as I saw, or are the ones of newer project coming soon?

Q: Which business lines are the major profit generators if not team finance?

Q: Jeff, will you be offering some of the features of the launchpads on the crypto app? Like staking rewards or Sekuritance kyc, etc?

Q: Hi Jeff, Are you working on enabling the option to sell the right of allocations to third parties via NFT?

Q: Did Binance launching their NFT marketplace steal the thunder from TrustSwap? They decided to launch in a down market and recall TrustSwap waiting for better market conditions. How is that playing out today?

Q: What is the reason of the longer vesting period for the more recent token launch? It seems a little disadvantageous to TrustSwap stakers when vesting periods are very long and token already raised money through previous channel at a cheaper entry price.

Q: Do you have plans to incorporate Ada or Ava projects in the future?

Q: What about Solana?

Q: Hey Jeff. Disregarding price, which of the trust swap launches has / had you the most excited ?

Q: Thanks for taking time to do this Jeff. I personally feel there’s need for more ways to engage with the community at this time. I see a lot of people make complaints here about launchpad related issues and while I see there’s been efforts to resolve them, there are many issues still unresolved from as far back as those teething problem from the first farming pool. Here I am now with my own issue which is that received less than the number of tokens from Yieldly launch and Yieldly guys said it’s an issue from TrustSwap; seems the additional funds I sent when requested was not put into the calculation for the tokens. I sent an email to already but no acknowledgement or feedback.

Q: Is the crypto app going to be tokenized and given a portion of the newly minted Tokens given to swap holders?

Q: Any plans to add in Terra Luna based projects ?

Q: Why the projects and implements like mint, the crypto app, launchpads haven’t reflect in prices? most of us bought at least 20–30K at $4.5/ea swap and now we are in negative. I know that all market is same situation but other projects have recovered better than swaps.

Q: I’ll ask this because I’ve seen it asked a lot and don’t think I’ve seen an answer yet. What message did the top 300 stakers get yesterday?

Q: Some love for us 4000 swap holders would be nice, sucks a bit that only the big bags get any.

Q: What are the benefits of staking swaps long term? At the moment I feel other pools are rewarding more then swaps, even counting the air drops. Any intention of improving rewards for long term swap staker and stimulate more stakers to fill the pool?

Q: What’s the best way to submit a project if is built on Solana? What’s the usual turnaround time from submission to DD/go/no-go?

Q: Some love for us 4000 Swap holders would be nice. Will we get Airdrops?

Q: Any insight into what farming pool might be added?

Q: How can the TrustSwap community help TrustSwap? Lots of loyal people here that would help if they knew what was needed.

Q: There is a lot of competition around launchpads, how is TrustSwap different?

Q: No follow up after tge?

Q: One thought on the Luna, I reckon we do have to actively engage TFL Terraform Labs — and make it easy for them to integrate with swap — rather than wait for them to come over. it appears that Pylon is becoming a platform that is endorsed by TFL.

Q: What I mean is that the ecosystems are huge, if we don't engage them swap may not come to mind … being lost in the jungle.

Q: What are the things that keeps you up at night? And how do you manage those risks?

Q: Any plans on having presence on Cardano ecosystem?

Q: Can you give us a timeline on when it will be apparent within The Crypto App that TrustSwap is running the show?

Q: Hey Jeff. Of all the multiple products that trust swap is or has integrated which one in particular do you see as the “Blue Chip” product. Would it be the launch pad or could The Crypto App take the Mantle. Thx for all you doing. The silent majority has your back.

Q: I understand the IDOs add a lot of revenue to TrustSwap but I also think it potentially hurts the TrustSwap brand when people complain about the process and the issues that surround the projects that are launching. Your statement abut the energy of people through the process brings the value of TrustSwap down. I liked TrustSwap’s ideas before the LP at it seems all that anyone focuses on. Not really a question but I hope there continuous to be innovation going on behind the scene.

Q: There was an TrustSwap AMM mentioned at one point is this still be developed possibly on a new chain?

Q: Are there any plans to boost the apy of staking portal at all. Love staking for projects but the rewards are so lackluster it’s almost not worth it. Right now. Future will be different story I know.

Q: Where are we at on the crypto subscription service thing? That’s one of the big reasons I bought in.

Q: Any plans for a TrustSwap / crypto convention in Vancouver?

Q: Is there any plans in the future to allow keeping your SWAP staked while also allowing for farming (not even sure if this is possible technically speaking)? This would be nice so you don’t miss out on these top ‘XX’ rewards for stakers when you switch to farming.

Q: Have you had much interest in the incubator platform launched since DCTDAO? I would love to see some projects come out of that.

Q: Do you still have hope for top 50 project by EOY? Strategically, I was hoping for bigger market response to the moves SWAP is making. Like you always say, wisdom of the markets makes no damn sense.

Q: Jeff Kirdeikis thanks for answering so far. Understand there is no Crystal ball but projects such as dFund and carbon that have under performed so badly and there community is terrible how do these get into the launchpad? Could you give some indicators on what TrustSwap looks for in the projects?

Q: That’s great. Anymore in works? Are you looking to hook up with nft projects now swappable is on the way? Maybe nft presales?

Q: Hey Jeff. With your knowledge on the crypto space as a whole, what do you see as the next big innovation post Defi and NFT ?

Q: Intercom has been a great way to get information from your dedicated team, are there anyways to reduce the scammers in discord and Telegram?

Q: Have heard TrustSwap has a team of 40+ on staff (!) …where do you recruit from?

Q: Hi Jeff,

1. any plans to add incentivize members who are more active? I've seen this trend is growing among other launchpads.

2. any chance for community votes to happen for certain project to take place?

3. Will be great if there’s a active content creator/communicator in TrustSwap that focus on sharing updates/events etc so to keep investors in the loops (on a friendly engaging manner, not business report). Some projects has gone MIA, so it’s quite worrying at times.

Q: Could part of their money from tge be locked as long as some milestones aren’t reached? Then if they don't money would go back to TrustSwap community? As it can happen in the startup world? dFund hasn't developed anything and still got 100% of money from tge if I am correct.

Q: I understand you’re doing your best and we have to DYOR but are you planning to take additional validations to make sure more successful projects are launched in the future. If we see the launchpads on the TrustSwap website, we se lot of negative returns on ICOs.

Q: In regards to quality over quantity. Would Yieldly have made the cut? Because that one project alone has more than covered all the other losses.

Q: What is the approval/rejection ratio of projects that apply to the launchpad?

Q: In the age of creating tokens in 30 minutes, don’t you think you need to turn on more filters. 1/10 sounds week.

Q: If we transition into a bear market, are you guys planning on being aggressive buyers? I assume the answer is yes based on what has been happening — more interested in what the cash reserves or access to capital looks like for SWAP in order to acquire?

Q: I believe you are one of the best front facing CEO’s in the industry. Any thoughts on just going live on YouTube more often and sharing your thoughts on crypto in general? I honestly believe you have the persona to create a strong following by you just being you. Not trying pump tires, genuinely believe this is a marketing strategy to be taken advantage of.

Q: Great stuff Jeff. What are your plans for the number of IDO’s for the remainder of the year? Can we expect 2–3 a month or more?

Q: So in other words you’re redirecting me to Yieldly or no one is going to own up. Not receiving the amount of tokens paid for in a launchpad project is daylight robbery… this is not a DYOR thing.

Q: TrustSwap made a lot of profits, however, the stakers are not feeling the benefits. Will there be profits sharing for the stakers?

Q: Hi Jeff, first of all thanks for your honest, straightforward answers to the community’s questions. Really enjoyed to read about your perspective on Crypto ecosystem and way forward. My question is around the exclusive participation opportunity sent to top 300 stakers, I don't understand the reason to keep the opportunity sent secret from the overall TrustSwap community. Crypto stands for transparency and open communication. Saw that it has been asked many times on the chat from the community that what opportunity has been sent to top 300 stakers but TrustSwap moderators have been so secretive about it :) Could you elaborate more on the reasons why you want to keep it secret and don't want to disclose to everyone in the TrustSwap community (about what opportunity was sent)?

Q: Yeah question is not that, of course they should be rewarded. My question is why TrustSwap made a decision to keep it secret about how they are rewarding Top 100 stakers, Top 300 stakers, Top 500 stakers. Why do you think that the entire TrustSwap community should not know how TrustSwap is rewarding it’s Top 300 stakers?

Q: Have you considered a tiered system instead of sheer Swapscore. I think it works better for rewards like this.

Q: Fairly new to TrustSwap as of recent month is there a way to easily calculate your Swapscore over x amount of months moving forward ? Let’s say I wanna know what my swap score will be 3 months down the line by staking x amount of Swap?