Apr 21, 2021

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Verso: The First TrustSwap Incubator, Going Live on the TrustSwap Launchpad April 25th

Verso, a smart contract platform designed to streamline business for regulated financial service providers, has announced that they will collaborate with TrustSwap for incubation and Launchpad services. Verso will hold their $VSO token offering the TrustSwap Launchpad April 25th 2021 at 9:00 AM PST.

The link to sign up when this time arrives is:

This Launchpad is in collaboration with Top-10 Exchange, who will be doing a tandem co-launch of Verso alongside the TrustSwap Launchpad.

In addition, this is the first Launchpad EVER on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche blockchain is integrated with metamask. This means you can use metamask and/or to interact with the $VSO tokens.

Introducing Verso

Verso is a decentralized marketplace for the regulated financial service industry. Verso provides financial service providers with access to previously inaccessible consumers allowing them to access exciting new product offerings directly from their preferred wallet. The project is backed by top-tier investors including, AU21 Capital, DFG, JRR, and NGC. Verso is also the first project launched via the newly established TrustSwap Incubator Program.

Verso uses proprietary smart contracts to facilitate the distribution and product-specific money flow between service providers, financial institutions, and their customers. As a result, there is reduced reliance on intermediaries, significantly lower distribution costs, and increased efficiency.

Verso is based in Switzerland with a distributed team across America, Europe, and Asia. Together with Wallet Engine, a founding member of the Verso network, strategic partners, and reputed advisors, Verso is set to accelerate the distribution of inclusive financial products to retail consumers across geographies.

The Verso token ($VSO) is an ERC-20 standard-based utility token created on the Avalanche blockchain. The Verso token is required for product funding, validator rewards, voting, and more.

Gregor Arn, CEO: An evangelist for inclusive financial services and passionate fintech entrepreneur since 2014, with a focus on emerging markets. Gregor launched the first social payments app in the Philippines prior to starting Wallet Engine, a Singapore-based wallet-as-a-service provider that powers embedded finance in cross-border apps.

Barry Hurley, Product Lead: A veteran senior leader in the Telecoms and Financial Services industries, and more recently Fintech Entrepreneur and co-founder of several startups. Barry brings a particular focus to the development and operations of mass-market fintech products in highly regulated environments.

Pascal Kurzawa, Ecosystem Development: Fintech and payments enthusiast with experience in business development and partnership management. Head of Sales at Wallet Engine.

Ivan Reif, Blockchain Lead: An experienced software engineer and project manager from the FinTech space, Ivan now focuses entirely on blockchain and building the finance infrastructure of the future. Founded his own blockchain consulting company, Senzu GmbH, in early 2016 and has delivered multiple successful projects to date.

Token Offering Details

TrustSwap technology utilizes simple, secure peer-to-peer transactions via TrustSwap SmartLaunch which ensures that Verso and its community can transact securely without the fear of participants or team members negatively impacting the markets following the public offering. TrustSwap’s time-based SmartLocks ensure a methodical distribution to mitigate the risk of unauthorized token transfers.

Verso will use TrustSwap SmartLocks for:

  • Team Token Vesting
  • Token Holder Vesting
  • Token Locks & Liquidity locks

To participate in the Verso token offering, you must:

1) Be staking at least 4000 $SWAP tokens OR have a SwapScore over 2,500.

2) Not be domiciled in the USA or any UN-sanctioned countries.

3) Submit a complete application within the 12-hour launch window at between April 25th at 9am PST and 9pm PST

4) Successfully pass KYC verification.

Everyone who meets the requirements above is guaranteed an allocation. The $1.35M allocation will be split amongst all applicants based on tiers as follows:

To receive a 1X allocation, you can either be staking 4,000+ SWAP or have a Swap Score of 2,500 or more.

SwapScore is a rolling 60-day average of staked SWAP so the more SWAP you stake and the longer you have staked it, the higher your allocation multiplier will be. The staking snapshot is taken when the launch begins on April 25th at 9:00 AM PST.

Individual maximum allocation amount will be determined after the 12-hour launch window closes and is directly influenced by participation levels.

NOTE: To receive a guaranteed allocation you must have at least 4,000 SWAP staked or a SwapScore over 2,500 in addition to passing the KYC and filling in all the required details in the pledge form.

0.5% of the $VSO token supply will be reserved for promotion within the TrustSwap community including SwapDrops and FlashDrops. Participation details will be announced soon.

What is the TrustSwap Incubator Program?

Verso is the first project under the umbrella of the newly-launched TrustSwap Incubator Program.

The TrustSwap Incubator Program is a brand-new initiative to help transform innovative new ideas into successful crypto startups. Prior to admission into the Incubator Program, a panel of industry experts carefully selects the most promising projects. TrustSwap guides them through all of the critical development stages from the foundations of forming a crypto company to the specifics of brand building and operational success. Once a project successfully completes the Incubator Program, their tokens are then offered via the TrustSwap Launchpad.

Projects can sign up for the TrustSwap Incubator Program by completing this Application Form.

What Should I Do to Prepare for the Launchpad?

  • Based on the requirements set for a guaranteed allocation, stake your $SWAP tokens here before April 25th 9:00 AM PST.
  • Take a photo of your government-issued ID card (Passport, Driving License, or any other form of government-issued ID card that has your photo in it).
  • Take a selfie of yourself holding the ID card along with a note that reads: “Verso”.
  • Make sure to submit your form during the 12-hour application window from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST on April 25th, 2021.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to at any time during the token offering on April 25th from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST.
  2. Go through the steps listed to upload your documents and details.
  3. After 12 hours, the portal will close. There will be a waiting period of up to 48 hours to finalize calculations.
  4. Approved participants will be contacted via the TrustSwap’s Dashboard Messaging System with payment instructions. Log in with your registered wallet to see your messages.
  5. $VSO will be live on both & Pangolin DEX on April 30th.

Learn More About Verso and the $VSO token

For more information on Verso and their $VSO token, please read the White paper and join their Telegram community using the links below.

*Disclaimer*: Launchpad dates and details are subject to change. This is not an endorsement, partnership, or offer for investment by TrustSwap. Verso is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a customer, with specific requests as to how they need their launch to operate. TrustSwap is a provider of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Digital assets carry a high level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.